About Us

North Star Food Trading LLC

North Star Food Trading LLC is a multi commodity trading company with a strong global presence. Operated and based out of Minneapolis, MN. We source, trade and export the highest quality grains, nuts, lentils, beans, green peas, chickpeas, rice and other food products worldwide.

We are directly working with the world’s top agricultural producers, processors and packers to fulfill our customer's specific requirements at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on providing trusted and knowledgeable services in order to develop mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with our customers and producers.

We have developed a large network of buyers and sellers to provide the best value for our customers.


To be a global link between producers and consumers in key agro-commodity markets. We stand by our products and services, we uphold ourselves to the utmost principles and professionalism. We accept responsibility for the choices and arrangements we commit to.